Honest, transparent, and listening

At Coon Creek Farms, we feel it is critical for open and honest communication between our clients.  We strive to make information as simple to understand as possible for our land owners.  Quarterly letters, phone calls, and emails keep our clients updated.  We also enjoy meeting with our land owners to make sure their goals are also being met.


Environmental Steward

Common sense tells us that NOBODY should be more concerned about the environment than those involved in agriculture.  Our livelihood depend on the climate, and this awareness has changed the way we farm.  All decisions must also pass through the question “Is this good for the environment?”


Community Involvement

As with any small town, the community is an important part of rural life.  All of our employees are engaged in the community in many different ways.  We are active on many boards, such as South Central FS Board of Directors, Moultrie County Soil & Water to name a few.