Coon Creek Farms utilizes an extremely wide range of technology.  Brad is a systems integration engineer which has allowed us to integrate many aspects of our operation.

Some of the systems Brad has developed:

  • Web based scale ticket management
    • Automatic scale reading
    • Moisture test information is automatically added to scale ticket
  • Shivvers drying bin monitoring system for our phones
  • Wet tank transfer monitor
    • Ability to turn on / off wet tank transfer in conditions such as
      • Rainfall (we always burn off belts)
      • Wet tank running empty
  • All Shivvers out augers have amp monitors
  • All soybean bins have high and low humidity enable / disable functions.
  • Distributed wireless network around farmstead

Additional technology used:

  • John Deere Greenstar
  • RTK GPS Units
  • Autosteer
  • Row command