By Brad Emel

The ongoing global pandemic has significantly affected our lives. Sullivan Schools closed and our kids are now e-learning. Fayanne is e-teaching from a living room makeshift desk. The virus officially arrived in our county on April 1, 2020.

How we’re helping the fight…

Revision 2 Mask Holder – Keeps the straps off your ears

On March 29th 2020 I learned of other “Makers” (home hobbyist-engineers) were using their 3D printers to create devices for the medical community. I modified a widely distributed ear loop mask holder design and began printing. The design changed on April 1st to a more curved design that has been reviewed by medical professionals.

On April 2nd 2020 I began offering free mask holders to any healthcare professional or first responder. The response was incredible, and I’ve been printing ever since.

Revision 3 – Current Production

I am using a Flashforge Creator Pro and ABS / PETG filament. I am able to print 8 mask holders every hour and a half. I average 60-100 a day.

3D printers utilize additive manufacturing and are inherently very slow and expensive to operate. Most of the expense of the printer is electricity. Despite that, 3D printers are very capable machines and are best for prototyping and small scale manufacturing. I can print 8 mask holders in 1 hour 30 minutes.

Are you a healthcare provider, first responder, or jail employee?

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Donations are used to offset the cost of filament and electricity and are absolutely not required. If additional funds remain after demand ceases, the funds will be donated to the Moultrie County Food Pantry – Sullivan, IL.